Friday, July 29, 2016

First Day of Preschool

I know it seems early to be doing a first day of school post, but Clara actually got to begin summer school, so Jason took some pictures to celebrate!

Look how grown up she is!

Big sis helps cheer her on!

These two.

Clara is my affectionate one, and I love how she brings it out of Grace!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grace Enjoys Her Birthday Presents

Grace received a lot of fun gifts!

Both girls adore this magnifying glass.

Based on her interest at the temporary sandlot at our local park, she received a baseball bat and some wiffle balls.

Watching Daddy demonstrate sports is not something I imagined I would see anytime soon, but here we are!

Both girls love this kite!

She received many wonderful things that she has barely had time to play with since they left on vacation. She has lots of play awaiting her at home!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5th Birthday Party

Again, it has been quite some time since I've posted. You all know what I have going on, and I am predicting that blog posting will be spartan and intermittent going forward. 

However, my family is out of town, and I find myself with some free time to go through Grace's birthday pictures!

On the day of the party, both girls were BEYOND excited! I tried to get a picture of the two of them and this is the best I was able to capture!

Grace had a space themed party! We ordered a decorated cake because I wanted to streamline as much as possible.

We played outside in the pool and in the sprinkler.

We were able to score some awesome space decorations from a fellow preschool family that had a space themed party not two weeks before!

We did a craft painting stars and planets. This is sweet Freya, the daughter of some friends we met through Gini and Eric.

(I can't figure out how to flip this picture)

The wee people made some of my favorites!

She's getting so big!