Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grace's First Piano Recital

Grace played her first piano recital this weekend!

She was so excited to play!

A couple mistakes, but all in all, a wonderful and brave performance!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Grammy and Grandudes Come to Visit

Grammy and Grandudes came to visit for my birthday weekend!

Their flight arrived very late Thursday night, so the girls didn't see them until the morning the next day.

The girls were rested and ready for action!

Grammy read lots of books

and enjoyed a good game of squish face.

A walk to the park in a very brisk temperature woke us up.

Grammy got some snuggles!

Clara had her first swim lesson over the weekend also! I think it was a bit scary but she was excited at the end of it anyway. I'm hoping this weekend it goes even better!

Next we went bowling! I love bowling so it was my idea to celebrate my birthday. I'm also terrible at it by the way, haha! Here, Grace demonstrates the classic kid technique.

But little did I know, there was something even better! Now they have rolling racks for the kiddos. Genius! Even Clara could enjoy it! The girls were adorable taking turns pushing it down.

A bowling victory celebration!

Clara loved feeling the air on her belly. Such a goof ball!

Another walk to the park!

Grammy helps Grace get her footing.

Grandudes finds the kid at heart on the swing

and with the diggers!

We had a wonderful visit. It ended too soon!