Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished Pottery Pieces

I thought I would post some pictures of Grace's finished pottery pieces!

Two sweet little cups for Mom and Dad.  We put tea lights in them.

A larger bowl for Clara, though we may be the custodians until she reaches an age of maturity.

This one is supposedly also for Clara, but I want it.  It say "Grace Victoria" or something close to that.  I told Grace that we should put a ribbon through the holes and hang it in the dining room.  She protested and insisted that it needs to go in their room.  Oh well.

I love this action shot of Clara pushing Grace around.  They are quite the duo.

They like to hug and then say, "Mom, take a picture!"  They know what I like!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

We started the festivities with an Saturday Easter Egg hunt at the work of our neighbor Jared (Ada's dad).  He is the choir director at a church.  Silly mom forgot to bring a basket for Grace, but we used mom's purse in a pinch.

She also met "someone in an Easter bunny costume" as she told dad later.  She is too smart!  This is as close as she would get to the bunny.

After our Easter morning gigs, we went to Jason's coworker Craig's annual after gigs Easter potluck party.  Grace spent the whole time leading 5 year old Jacob all over the house, telling him how to play, sprinkling "protective glue" all over the house with their fingertips.  She likes to be the leader!  We then came home and played in the front yard for a bit.  I wanted a picture of the two of them together.  This was the best I could do.

They both loved playing with the eggs.

They also loved the candy, of course!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pottery Day

Grace's preschool class had a pottery day.  They got to use the tools in the high school pottery department, and they worked with student mentors!

The pottery wheel was lots of fun.

Grace's mentor's name is Paige.  She was very patient with Grace.  Grace was pretty bossy but Paige said she was used to it because she has a three year old sister at home.  The high school teacher tried to help Grace with her pot, and Grace told her that she could "leave now".  I overheard her talking to our preschool teacher about the "opinionated redhead".  

They get to come back next week to paint their pots!  The front right is the one that Grace made.

They also made bowls with a mold.

Grace hard at work.

It was a great day!

Everyone loves a silly face shot!