Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Balsam Lake - The Jet Ski

If it sounds like it couldn't get any better, it did: we had a jet ski to use!

Most of the time, Jason and I went out together during naptime, exploring the lake.  Jason drove, and he likes to drive FAST.

The ride we took at sunset was my favorite!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Balsam Lake - The House

The lake house wasn't just a rustic cabin by the water.

It is a great house for a lot of different reasons!  It has an open floor plan, perfect for running around in circles like a train.  It has a fireplace, a private dock, a ton of beds, and a stocked kitchen.

The wood floors were perfect for rolling cars around!

It even has a nice fire pit and plenty of chairs for roasting marshmellows!

Grace loved her very first s'more!

The best part by far was the amazing screened in porch that overlooks the lake!  We hung out there all the time.  The bugs weren't that bad while we were there, but the porch insured we were bug free while fully enjoying the beautiful setting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three Years Old!

Grace turned three last week!

She is holding up a star shaped watermelon piece that she had the pleasure of eating at Alisha and Judd's house for the Fourth of July.

Our grown up girl.  (Looking good, Gini.)

We started the day with present opening at 7:01 am.  She received some wonderful things, including this doctor set from Aunt Sam.  She likes to give Clara shots.  She also received some glow in the dark race car tracks that are flexible in many different ways.  She loves her vehicles!

Next we went to the Union Station Museum.  Trains!  This was Grace's first time and she had a blast, outside of the talking bronze statues everywhere that she found off putting.

We had lunch next to the train cars and Grace enjoyed walking around on them.

Even the elevator was a thrill!

There was an science exhibit there where you could design your own laser show.  Grace and Clara had a great time chasing them around.  The rest of that exhibit was geared for an older audience but they had fun with it anyway!

Grace was VERY clear that she wanted cake with sprinkles.  The details other than that were left to me.  I ambitiously decided on a 6 layer cake with caramel filling, and I just BARELY finished it before bedtime.  Here she is putting her sprinkles on, looking very tired after an eventful day.

Blowing out the candles!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

13 Months Old!

Clara turned 13 months old 3 days ago!

She is turning into a little girl!

She adores rough housing and playing with her big sister.  Whenever she is upset, I can cheer her up by counting to three and throwing her vigorously onto the couch.  Grace loves playing with her too.  Lately, they have been playing in the tent tunnel.  Sometimes they just look at each other and start giggling like mad!

We have an appointment with an eye doctor for her tear duct that is still blocked, but she is otherwise in great health with steady development.  She has been saying a lot of new words including "cracker," "down," and "again."  She bops when she hears music which Grace never did.  We FINALLY ditched bottles after one day of screaming protest and switched to sippy cups.  She is cruising a ton but not walking yet.  She wiggles away when you are trying to dress her or change her diaper.  I call it "baby wrangling."  She is getting all four eye teeth at once right now.  She has a sense of humor; she loves different forms of peekaboo and poking you from behind when you are sitting in a chair.  She is a pleasure and a happy baby! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit!

The girls loved playing and getting lots of attention.

Grandpa figured out right away that rough housing makes Clara smile!

Grandma figured out that Grace adores playing on the top bunk of her bed!

Grace loved learning how to make popovers and peanut butter cookies!

I think that everyone had a great time together!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jason cuts down a tree

We've been talking about cutting down this tree for ages!

It was starting to impede the growth of the tree next to it.  Plus, it just didn't look right in the middle of the yard like that.  It is sad to cut down a tree but I think it really opens up our yard and will make it even more enjoyable to play back there.

Grace really enjoyed watching.

She also loved helping Jason put the branches in a pile.

She looks so grown up in these pictures to me.

She is almost three!