Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally Outside!

It has suddenly warmed up here, and finally we can go outside!  Grace is insatiable; she wants to be outside all. day. long.

Grace demonstrates the importance of sunscreen.

Thrilled to be outside!

Picking out dirt from the empty flower pot and throwing it everywhere is hours of fun.  Since Mom loves to clean, hours of fun for her too!

Mom says no?  Aw come on!  

I know these pictures aren't some of my best.  She would not stop moving the entire time!!  

Monday, April 22, 2013


I haven't been very prolific with my postings.  It has been busy of course, like I always say, and it has also been cold and rainy.  I actually personally enjoy the rainy days, but I have a different perspective now because a rainy day means a cooped up toddler inside, driving me crazy with constant requests to go outside.  I can't even say the word outside because she then starts in on the volume escalating "outside, outsiiiiide, OUTSIDE!"  So I guess we're hoping for some dry days soon!

I thought I would post a couple new belly pics.  This one is 33 weeks along.

This one is me at 33 weeks posing with a pineapple.  My weekly pregnancy email said that my baby is about the weight of a pineapple this week, and we just happened to have one sitting on the counter, so I was inspired.

And here is today, 35 weeks!  Is there REALLY still a month of this left?!  Doesn't look like there is, does it?

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Today was very nice with a temperature in the 60's!  Grace BEGS to go outside all the time.  She loves riding her trike, but since she can't pedal herself yet, there is a limited amount of times I can push her around the neighborhood before I'm pooped.  Luckily, Jason put her to work in the backyard!  

First we had her do a bit of raking.

There were leaves and sticks leftover from last fall.  Grace took care of them for us!

She was great at picking up all the little piles.

She filled two garbage cans with debris!  Let me know if you all need help at your house.

Okay, Daddy helped too!