Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

Avery is back in town and boy are we glad!  

They have so much fun playing together.  Sometimes they look at each other and giggle like they have an inside joke between them.  Of course, there are other times when they fight over the broom toy or some other thing, but watching their friendship blossom is a beautiful thing!  

The sweater that Grace is wearing is actually another vintage item from when I was a toddler.  Grandma GG actually made it!  I love the pom pom on the zipper pull.  I told her that a couple days ago, and today when we were choosing outfits, she pointed to this sweater and said "GG."  No other sweater would suffice today!  I know there are lots of pictures of me wearing this, but my mom has them.  I'll have to scan a picture or two when I next visit!  

Today we are snowed in, and it is still coming down.  I usually work 7 days a week, so even though it is a bummer to lose the income for today, I call it my mandatory day off, which is kind of nice every once in a while.  We had a nice relaxing day together.  

Please enjoy this video if Grace expending some excess energy!  I am VERY glad that we have an island in our kitchen because antics like this are a daily occurrence.  We told her one time that she was acting crazy, and now sometimes she says "Crazy!  Crazy!" while she races around.  This makes me tired just watching it, so watch at your own risk!  (I think she is saying "oink" as she goes around, but I'm not sure why!)  

Thursday, February 14, 2013



Happy Valentine's Day!!

Rebecca, 1984 age 2

This picture was taken at my Uncle Topher and Aunt Calleen's wedding rehearsal.  During the ceremony when they kissed, apparently I yelled "Wow!" loud enough for everyone to hear.  

This dress was made for me by our family friend Janis Moore.  Janis was the wife of my dad's childhood neighbor and longtime friend.  The level of detail this dress has is quite impressive.  There are buttons down the back in the shape of hearts and there is a separate petticoat underneath that is embroidered with flowers.  Janis is no longer with us but she was very special.  Besides being a talented seamstress and generally creative person, Janis was always fun in my memory.  I have memories of hanging out with her when our family visited LA, when they came and visited us, and one time when she took me to a water park.  It is fun to see Grace in this dress and to remember her.  The fact that I remember her so fondly makes me think that Grace might remember our adult friends just as well someday!

Grace received a set of Elmo books for Valentine's Day.  It is the first time she has asked for something specifically.  We knew she wanted Elmo books because she would occasionally go to one of her book bins, look inside forlornly and say "Elmo?"  Like, "Why don't I have any Elmo books?!"  She LOVES Elmo.  The only TV she is allowed to see is about 15 - 20 minutes of Sesame Street when mommy or daddy needs a break and she eats up every minute.

I hope you all have a beautiful day with some people you love!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Anyone that has hung out with Grace recently can tell you that Grace LOVES sitting in chairs.  I'm not really sure how else to explain her obsession.  

She particularly liked her Great Grandma's rocking chair at Jon and Roberta's this Christmas.  

And also a video of Grace enjoying the rocking chair in her room!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Piano time

Roberta has a beautiful piano.  It was quite popular at our holiday visit!  

Grace and Daddy

Jason and Roberta

Roberta, Grace and me

Roberta, Grace and me (again)

Sam, Mom and me

Grace gets the solo bow!  Our family loves the piano at holiday time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hanging at GG's

What luck that my Grandma lives so close to my in laws!  While we were visiting Jon and Roberta, my parents AND my sister and her boyfriend Brian were staying with my Grandma.  We even had a beautiful Christmas dinner all together at Jon and Roberta's house.  I sadly forgot to take a picture of that, however.

I DO have this hilarious picture of Samantha and Brian rocking out to the music on Grace's new train set!

And this one is pretty wonderful too!  Is it just me, or do they have the same expression of joy?

Grace helped GG open some belated Christmas packages.  GG tripped over her dog Lotte right before we arrived and is still quite bruised up from her fall in these pictures.  

"Baby TV", as my mom calls it, was a common form of entertainment on this trip.  We enjoyed watching Grace amuse herself at GG's by rearranging a stack of hand knitted pot holders, for example!

She also demonstrated how she likes to "carry" daddy!  She likes to say "strong" while she does it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing with Grandma

Roberta did a great job interacting with Grace this Christmas.  It was wonderful to see Grace get to know her grandparents a little better!

She has a large sack of finger puppets in all sorts of animals.

Grace really liked grabbing them off Grandma's fingers and running to put them in her shopping cart.  

A friend of theirs generously lent them some really fun toys for Grace to play with while we were visiting.  These Mega Bloks were perfect for building "towers" as Grace calls them!

This motorcycle was also a big hit!  Grace still talks about her Grandma and I know the trip made fond memories for us all.

Grace really enjoyed following Grandpa around the house and she obviously took a liking to him also.  He jokingly says it was only because Remy the dog follows HIM around.  Remy may have received more kisses than any of us!

It is hard to compete with a cute little doggie!