Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bathroom Progress

A lot has happened since I last posted about the bathroom over two weeks ago!  

We have walls, a glass block window AND a floor!  The tile guy came this weekend and put up the cement board and installed the window and the floor.  We are LOVING the glass block window.  It looks really sharp and it lets in a ton of light.  There is a sad part to this story however.  The tiles we ordered for the shower did not come in at the tile store because the tile store FORGOT TO ORDER THEM!!  It will take up to a month to get them in!  We are pretty bummed, but we asked our tile guy to at least install the floor so that we can once again have a toilet upstairs.  

This is the only thing that is staying from the old bathroom.  I'm SO excited that I don't have to walk downstairs to use the bathroom anymore!  We should have the vanity and medicine cabinets in soon.  We chose a bluish green color for the walls.  No more pink!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Leaves

Gracie loves playing in the yard!

She loves it when I throw the leaves on her head.

She loves to throw them in the air too!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hotels with a Baby

After the Tetons, we were totally pooped and had to stop for the night.  Unfortunately, we had a hard time finding a place with vacancy that wasn't ridiculously expensive.  We finally found some places that had ambiguous names like Traveler's Cove and Wilderness Hotel - I just made those up, I don't remember the actual names.  It was a gamble for sure as to the quality of these places, but we were so tired we didn't care.  The place where we stayed was pretty unique, so I just had to share some pictures with you.  

We were so exhausted that we just collapsed on the bed, so these pictures are from the next morning.  Don't you love the wood paneling and wall paper?

It even had majestic artwork complete with log-like frame.  $100 was a bargain for this place, don't you think?

I didn't take a picture of Grace's sleeping area in this hotel, but I'll show you what we figured out by the end of our trip.  On our first night on the road, we set up Grace's pack and play at the foot of our bed, did the bedtime routine, turned off the lights and got in bed.  She then proceeded to stand up in her pack and play and scream at us for... forever.  Apparently, our baby will not sleep if she can see us.  So from then on, I made sure we always had a room with a two beds so that I could do this with the extra comforter:

It took some creativity and jury rigging, but it did the trick and everyone had peaceful nights sleep.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Driving through The Tetons

We decided to take a different route home this summer since we've driven this distance many times and because I-80 leaves a little to be desired in terms of scenery.  Jason had never seen the Tetons, and it has been 15 years for me, so we thought it was worth a detour.  

We stopped for picture opportunities of course, and we even tried to take a couple hikes.

Well it turns out that a cranky baby tired of traveling doesn't really make for a good hiking companion, so we turned back fairly quickly.  We did find this beautiful spot to sit and eat a snack, however!  

We saw just enough to know that we would LOVE to spend some real time here someday with our little family because we know we only scratched the surface of the beauty to be enjoyed here!  Even though we didn't give the park the time it deserves, I think that a $25 admission to a park is money well spent, hopefully helping to ensure it will be here in 10 years when we are back!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drywall is in

Jason finished putting up the drywall today!  The bathroom still has a long way to go, but I can see it coming together.  The hole you see is where the mirrored medicine cabinet is going to go.  I ordered it online and it hasn't arrived yet, but no worries because there is still plenty to do.  Next, Jason has the time consuming task of mudding and sanding the drywall.  Then it will be ready for paint, and we will be rid of all remnants of its former pink glory!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Beach Trip

First of many beach trips I imagine!  These pictures are from our summer trip once again.  I still have a few posts left to share with you all from that trip.  

She was definitely mystified at first.

She got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Hanging out on the beach with Grammy and Mom.

The seaweed was especially fascinating.  I was making sure she didn't eat it.  

She loved playing with these beads from the July 4th parade.

I think it is safe to say she had a blast!  Wish we were there now...