Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Four generations:  Grandma Grace, Grandudes, me, and baby Grace!  We're all highly amused by the dancing antics of Grammy, Aunt Sam and Dad!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who put ME in charge??!!

I wasn't going to mention this earlier, just in case any of you are crazy internet stalkers, but I've been a single parent this weekend since Jason is out of town.  I've been the only responsible person in the house, responsible for a baby AND a kitty.  Sometimes it hits me, the weight of the responsibility.  Am I really the only one remotely capable of being in charge right now?  There are no back up people in case I shirk my duties just a little?  No one is going to come in and say "don't let the baby eat paper!"  Nope, I have to be vigilant 24/7 for 3 whole days and make sure she is still in one piece when Jason returns.  It makes me wonder if my parents ever felt this way.  I'm guessing so!  They became parents even younger than we did.  Being that I am 30 now, I think if I'm not responsible enough now, I never will be.  And I know I'm totally up for this job, it is the coolest job I will ever have, and I am the very best person to do it for baby Grace. It is just that sometimes I still think of myself as a kid, but now I have a kid!  Life is a crazy ride sometimes. 

The mornings in particular are pretty hilarious.  Grace gets up and immediately makes panicky milk signs until I nurse her.  Then she immediately begins making milk signs again because she is now hungry for breakfast and I think the sign for milk is now her general sign for hunger.  At this point, Tosca has figured out that we are awake and is meowing repeatedly at my feet for canned food.  (We only started feeding her canned food recently because the vet said she lost a pound this year.  Hmm, Grace is one year old, could the endless cat chasing be stressful for poor Tosca?  But I digress.)  So everyone wants something.  NOW!  Including mom who wants her coffee.  We miss Jason during this time especially because he is the official meal preparer in the family.  This doesn't mean that I can't do it, it just that it is a household task for which he seems more suited.  Anyway, I was very glad when this nalgene bottle fell out of the cupboard one morning because Grace was deeply entertained by it for the duration of the breakfast preparation!

We've had fun, just us girls, but we'll all be glad to see Jason today!  Our family unit isn't complete without him and we've missed him terribly!

PS I uploaded a video to the baby swim posting that I forgot earlier, just in case you're interested.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We went to the zoo yesterday because it was member appreciation day. They have special events there and I wanted to check it out, but mainly I wanted to get the free train tickets that are good until October 28th!  We watched the sharks get fed while crammed up against a bunch of other people who wanted to watch the sharks in the tube at the aquarium.  It was hot and loud but pretty neat, and Grace just sucked down a bottle of milk calmly while watching the sharks swarming like crazy.  

The gift shop was also 30% off so browsed a little.  I pulled this octopus off the shelf and before I could say "This is pretty neat!"  Grace had it in her hands, snuggling it up to her chin.  

The lady who rung it up had to lean across the counter to scan it because no one had the heart to take it from her!  She has excellent taste in stuffed animals because this one pretty much rocks, I think.

What do you think we should call him?  I can't think of anything good.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby's First Swim

Grace has never been a huge fan of water.  She was afraid of the bath for the first few months of life, but is now starting to enjoy it and splash a bit.  She also enjoys playing with the water when we wash her hands.  We thought it was time for her to experience a swimming pool!  

We decided to go swimming at the hotel in Utah, and here she is getting ready in her pink tutu swim suit.  She looks a little unsure of what we are about to do.  

She was only sort of okay with the swimming pool experience, but she definitely enjoyed watching Grandudes blow bubbles. He has expert level experience entertaining kids in pools.

 It was a windy day in Utah, and we had to stay submerged to keep warm!  

Hopefully she will enjoy it even more when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in Tucson this Christmas!  They put in a pool at their new home and I for one can't wait to try it out.  I have very happy memories of visiting my grandparents and swimming in their pool, so I can't wait to make memories playing with Grace in HER grandparents' pool!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It Really Ties the Room Together

Jason finished the mantle!  He is super pleased and so am I!

I think it looks like it has always been there, like it belongs there.  Can I say this?  It ties the room together.  

We have really been enjoying having the ipod dock in the living room, now that we have a plug in the mantle.  We find ourselves listening to a lot more music.  We often have our entire collection on shuffle, and that becomes an interesting "guess that composer and/or piece" game.  The other day, Ride of the Walkuries came on, which is a trombone excerpt that Jason practices all the time.  Grace recognized it instantly, smiled and started clapping along!  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nobody like a Grandudes

Other than attending the wedding which was the main focus of our visit to Utah, we did a lot of eating. drinking and hanging out with family.  It was basically awesome.  

Grace loved playing with everyone for sure, but Grandudes holds a special place in her heart!

Both enjoyed "rocket baby", though I'm sure it wasn't as easy for Grandudes as it was in September!  You're going to have to start lifting weights for next time, Grandudes!

We went to a music festival in search of an afternoon snack and Grace felt right at home in Grandudes' arms.  We all wish you lived closer to us - Gracie would like more rocket baby trips, and mom and dad would like more babysitting!  But we'll take what we can get!  Miss you already :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Stool, Repurposed

Grace enjoys using this stool like a walker.  It is a bonus to us because we haven't purchased her a walker yet, so this one is free!  Since I took this video, she can turn the stool around herself when she runs into furniture.  I say uh oh twice in this video because she has just learned how to say it and says it all the time - except on camera.  It is pretty cute, but for now you'll just have to take my word for it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Remodeling Progress!

Jason worked really hard all day building a new mantle for our fireplace!  Yes, it can be done with a one year old under foot.

Just for reference, here is what it used to look like.

It was basically a board with a hole in it and a chair rail molding stapled flat against it.  The hole was there because there used to be a fluorescent light in there.  We broke the glass panel on the first day of demo - 3 years ago!

There were some bumps along the way as always with home remodeling, but I'm really pleased with the result so far, and Jason did an amazing job figuring out how to do it.  Next he will do a lot of sanding and apply a couple coats of white paint.  Jason of course is stressing about the imperfections, but hopefully it isn't anything that a little wood putty can't fix!

Jason cut a hole in the top board and installed a box and wiring for a plug.  It wasn't too hard for him to do since there had been a light there previously.

Grace looks on appreciatively.

She did a great job staying away from the power tools when we asked and in general, keeping out of trouble.  Well, as much as a one year old can do!  She has 6 teeth now and appears to be growing like a weed.  Still no first steps yet!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

I can't believe it has been a year.  She has changed so much, learned so much, and I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!  Watching her grow has been the greatest pleasure of my life.  We just arrived home after driving for 4 days and we are exhausted.  I have a lot of stuff to post, but for tonight, please enjoy this video of Grace's first birthday cake.  

Just so you know, the video is a bit blurry sometimes.  I think the lens was dirty.  Thanks to Aunt Sam for taking the video!

Monday, July 2, 2012

B&C Wedding

We traveled to Utah and saw my cousin Caitlin get married!

Her new husband Branden seems wonderful and they are definitely in love.  His two little sisters looked adorable in these matching dresses, and my cousin Jory looks dashing in his grey suit vest.

The Mormon Temple in St. George, Utah.  We waited for the bride and groom outside the temple for them to exit after the ceremony.  It was 105 degrees!

They had a lovely outdoor luncheon in St. George and this water bottle made a good baby toy.  Grace was a trooper in the heat but we did duck out a little early so we could all cool off.

The reception was adorable in so many ways.  They had an ice cream truck serving ice cream sandwiches. 

I liked how the cake was displayed on a painted yellow dresser.

The children at the reception paraded around with signs announcing the next activity.  They seemed to enjoy their job!

My Uncle Topher bemoaned his fancy attire but really looked sharp regardless.  The father daughter dance was a sweet moment.

Our grandparents won the marriage longevity dance contest:  64 years on August 1st!  When asked by the DJ for some marriage advice, Grandpa said "marry a Tillamook farm girl.  Or a direct descendant."

What wedding reception is complete without La Macarena?

They exited to a gauntlet of sparklers and drove off in a Volkswagon Thing.  Everything turned out so beautifully and we wish them the very best that life has to offer!  Love you guys!