Monday, February 21, 2011

Pregnancy Fashion

Yay me, I have thus far avoided maternity clothes!  Today marks the 20th week of baby making, which is hopefully half way.  The only unfortunate thing about avoiding maternity clothes is that it takes me forever to get dressed.  Every morning I have a huge pile of clothes on the bed of discarded items that used to be my favorites but now I loathe.  It is a constant search for things that make my belly look cute and round and contained to my belly area, not a gigantic full body bloating that some outfits seem to suggest.  Let's explore!  
This is my Valentine's Day outfit.  I tried on at least 5 dresses until I resigned that even if Jason could zip it up, my boobs definitely wanted out and appear to be trying to escape.  Then it took probably 5 skirts before I admitted that no, there is no skirt without an elastic waistband in this closet that will zip, even if I try and sling it really low.  This is what we came up with, ONE skirt in the closet that works, along with a cardigan that has NO CHANCE of buttoning.  
Proof that pregnancy is sexy!  Now I'm going to be to blame for all those teen pregnancies because who wouldn't want to look just like this?  Don't hate! as my students say. 
Since it takes so long for me to find a decent outfit, I tend to wear the same ones every week.  The black hopeless cardigan makes another appearance.  This has been one of my staple sweaters, but after seeing this picture I don't think it will be anymore.  
I would wear this outfit every single day if I could.  Cardigan buttons, belly looks round and cute but does not seem to spread to other body parts.  I just try and remember which day of the week I wore it last so that the same students don't see it two weeks in a row.  Here I am wearing one of three pairs of pants I own that I can hike low enough below my belly to wear.  My khakis are getting pretty tight and uncomfortable, so it is pretty much just these and a pair of black pants from The Gap that were a size too big when I bought them.  These jeans are stretchy too, so they have been flexible with my body changes.  I have to do a lot more laundry though!  
If ANTM is looking for America's Next Top Pregnant Model, I think I'm ready! 

P.S. Jason thinks these pictures are cheating, especially the last two which are from before Valentine's day, because as he says my belly grows daily! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Update!

This is a special blog post today brought to you by Rebecca's guest blogger, Jason.  We went to the doctor on Friday and had an ultrasound, which was pretty awesome, but I'll let you be the judge.  Check out the video below!  BTW - spoiler alert: if you're into surprises, you will find out if we're having a boy or girl in this video.

I was really surprised with how cool this ultrasound was.  The little video doesn't really do justice to the moment of seeing this little kid swimming around in there for the first time.
Thanks Mike for adding the intro, music, and uploading the video to youtube for us today!

Rebecca wanted me to include this picture of her belly. You can see it's hard for her to get all her layers of clothes out of the way because it's ridiculously cold here right now. I think today's high was supposed to be 1 degree.

The ultrasound tech thought that Rebecca's due date was really more like July 18th, but our doctor didn't think one week was enough of a difference to change her actual due date.

That's all for now. Think warm thoughts for us...