Friday, May 28, 2010

More Seating

Jason and I decided we needed a lot more seating for our basement since we have the room for it.  I've been watching craigslist for a while, and we finally found some affordable couches that we liked!  
The piano is in the way a bit, so we plan to move it to the other side of the room. 
Now our basement is cozy again, but without walls of boxes closing in on us! It was a bit tricky getting these couches down here.  First, Mike was kind enough once again to lend us the van to pick them up.  Jason and my Dad are similar in their vehicle packing skills, because Jason fit BOTH couches in Mike's van in one trip!  He put one couch upside down like a tetris piece.  Then the really tricky part:  getting them inside.  Our basement is a walkout, but the door is pretty small.  We were able to angle our loveseats in because they were short enough to fit through the door if we flipped them vertically on one arm.  Many were doubtful about the fullsize couch, however, and here is why.  
This is the stairway to our basement.  That door at the top is our sidedoor entry.  Jon helped Jason move these couches, and he was very much in doubt about this.  He also has a basement and recalls his own moving woes.  Jason is never one to give up easily!  He removed the legs from the couch and the railing from the stairway, and the couch slid down with much pushing I'm sure.  Thus, our new sitting area was born!  We look forward to playing wii down there with you all very soon. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We're accepting reservations!

We finally have a proper guest room!  
We haven't fixed the gigantic holes in the drywall yet, but hey, we have an actual bed with clean sheets and night stands even!  Jason describes the bed as comfortable enough for our treasured guests, but not so comfortable that they'll be moving in.  We're excited to have our first guest this weekend, Pablo, our good friend from NYC.  I think this room is about as big as his studio apartment so he'll hopefully feel right at home.  That's even his artwork on the wall that we're enjoying until he has the space for it! 
Jason also put glass in this corner door.  We think it gives the cabinetry some personality!  That's really all the news for right now.  Seriously, we're pooped from all the renovation.  There is still a ton to do, but we're taking a little break!  I can see how easily those wires could be hanging there under the cabinets until we move out, but I doubt Jason would let that happen.  So anyway, we're taking reservations now, book your stay in our abode soon!  We'll try and have the drywall patched before you get here. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 241

Should I continue to count the days in my post heading?  We've moved in, so I'm not sure what I'm counting now.  We still have lots of things to do, so there is no end in sight for the home DIY projects! 
Jason will not be pleased that I posted this picture, but I think it is important to illustrate.  This is our former kitchen/laundry area.  After it was no longer needed as a kitchen, it became a dumping ground for everything.  When we first moved in, I had everything organized, albeit cramped, but over time it became this door blocking pile of boxes, shoes, instruments, books, you name it.  
AHHH!  This picture makes me feel peaceful just looking at it!  This took me the ENTIRE weekend! 
It still has elements of storage as you can see, but now it is tamed into submission! 
The rug looks great in the living room!  We couldn't put it down right away because the floor guys recommend waiting over a week to put rugs on newly finished floors.  I think it really ties the room together!  Any excuse to quote the Big Lebowski makes me very amused, but I actually agree with that statement. 
We've moved into the bedroom upstairs!  These are the blackout curtains I made.  We are not morning people, so the blackout part is important.  I still need to hem them, as they are pooling on the floor and will become Tosca tumbleweed catchers, but I am happy with how they turned out so far! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 234

I think this is it!  This is the moment Jason and I have been waiting for for 7 months!  
We have furniture in our house!  This is the view of our living room when you enter the house.  We've just begun to unpack, so I'm not sure where I'm going to put all my knicknacks!
Jason is a really big fan of the couches facing each other setup.  I was opposed at first, but I think I really like it now! 
Of course, the first things I unpacked were hutch items!  I am BEYOND elated to have my things back!  I even cut some peonies from the backyard for the centerpiece!  I feel that my life is complete again :)  I have to say that this could not have happened without the help of our marvelous friends.  You guys are the best and we are indebted once again!  Eric and Jon have been working out for the past 4 months or so at a local gym, and they kept saying this is what they've been training for.  I guess they knew we'd be calling on them once again!  Good thing, because the hutch is SUPER heavy!  Thank you, THANK YOU! 
The shop vac kind of ruins this picture, but you can see how the space is nice and open for entertaining YOU!  When are you coming over?    The dearth of entertaining has left a huge hole in our hearts.  We can't wait to have you come over and admire appropriately!  
We also reorganized downstairs.  We have so much space down here without all these boxes sitting around!  Unfortunately, more space means more visibly stained carpet.  We hope that having it professionally cleaned will help, but we're not holding our breath.  I know I said we were going to paint the knotty pine, but it is really growing on us now.  I never thought I would say this but I actually LIKE the pine! 
I even cleaned the upstairs bathroom, which is still pink, unfortunately.  But not for long!  (My fingers are crossed!)  This is a terrible picture, I know.  I'm too lazy to take another one right now.
Jason enjoys the new office and new office chair.  It is disorganized, which makes us feel right at home.