Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hanging out in the Pool

We were in Tucson during the monsoon season and we were lucky enough to experience a storm rolling in.

And hey, Grandma and Grandpa have a pool!

We went swimming for probably four hours every day.

Grandpa puts Grace to work.

We could get used to this!

Clara liked to be close to us in the pool but she gained confidence by the end of our stay.

I was in the pool a lot!

But I also enjoyed being out of the pool.

So happy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A walk in the park

Vacation pictures from Arizona!!

There is a lovely community park nearby Jon and Roberta's house. 

Grace loved walking Remy.

What would a southern Arizona park be without lots of succulents?

There were lots of pretty little places to sit

including this one!

Even Remy enjoyed a resting spot!

But only for a moment.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

San Diego!

Jason's road trip continued on to San Diego!

The purpose of that long drive was a visit with Avery!

Both girls missed Avery!

Beach time!

This picture is everything.

They also checked out the Air and Space Museum.

This was probably right up Grace's alley.

Glamorous Glennis, the plane that broke the sound barrier!

They also went to the San Diego Zoo.

There was some posing in front of animals, of course.

Polar Bear!

Clara found a rock on which to pose.

Avery wanted to pose on it too.

A selfie with Daddy.

I missed out, but I'm happy they were able to enjoy it!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jason and the Girls Drive to CA

Jason decided to drive to California by himself this summer! I couldn't leave with him because I had class. 

The girls are ready to go!

This is their idea of posing.

That's better!

I helped them find a fun local place for a dinner stop.

Kudos to Jason for taking the time for pictures.

It's a hit!

They had 50 cent cones! 

They made it to Utah!

All the pictures that Jason took from their stay in Cedar City were blurry, but you can get an idea of what happened here. We wonder if Uncle Topher was sore the next day!

Friday, July 29, 2016

First Day of Preschool

I know it seems early to be doing a first day of school post, but Clara actually got to begin summer school, so Jason took some pictures to celebrate!

Look how grown up she is!

Big sis helps cheer her on!

These two.

Clara is my affectionate one, and I love how she brings it out of Grace!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grace Enjoys Her Birthday Presents

Grace received a lot of fun gifts!

Both girls adore this magnifying glass.

Based on her interest at the temporary sandlot at our local park, she received a baseball bat and some wiffle balls.

Watching Daddy demonstrate sports is not something I imagined I would see anytime soon, but here we are!

Both girls love this kite!

She received many wonderful things that she has barely had time to play with since they left on vacation. She has lots of play awaiting her at home!